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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

This is a question that Christians often find themselves confused over, and I personally have had to wrestle with it too. Some Christians see Halloween as an innocent opportunity to get dressed up in a costume of our favourite Star Wars character, because let’s face it, we all want the opportunity to pretend we’re a Jedi.

Other Christians, however, are convinced that Halloween is a satanic holiday, which we should have absolutely no part in. So where should we stand if we see ourselves as followers of Jesus?

Over the years Christians have found various ways to celebrate or not to celebrate Halloween. For some churches this has been something like a Hallelujah party in its place. Still allowing the opportunity for children to dress up (though not as ghosts and witches), play games and go home with way too much candy. Whereas some choose not to do anything, locking themselves in the house with the lights off.

Although the Bible has no direct teaching about Halloween, here are some principles which can help us make a decision.

The New Testament teaching about the occult is clear. Acts 8:9-24, the story of Simon, shows that occultism and Christianity don't mix.

The account of Elymas the sorcerer in Acts 13:6-11 reveals that sorcery is violently opposed to Christianity.

Paul called Elymas a child of the devil, an enemy of righteousness and a perverter of the ways of God. In Acts 16, at Philippi, a fortune-telling girl lost her demon powers when the evil spirit was cast out by Paul. The interesting matter here is that Paul refused to allow even good statements to come from a demon-influenced person.

Acts 19 shows new converts who have abruptly broken with their former occultism by confessing, showing their evil deeds, bringing their magic paraphernalia and burning it before everyone (Acts 19:19).

Clearly we should not be involving ourselves in these things and we need to take seriously the danger. But is there anything evil about a Christian dressing up as a princess or a superhero and going around the block asking for candy? No, there is not.

But there are things about Halloween that are anti-Christian and should be avoided. As parents if you are allowing your children to participate in Halloween, please make sure to keep them from getting involved in the darker aspects of the day. If Christians are going to take part in Halloween, their attitude, dress, and most importantly, their behaviour should still reflect Jesus.

There are many Christians who hand out tracts that share the Gospel along with the Halloween candy. It is, after all, a great opportunity to meet people, make friends and love those in your neighbourhood.


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