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Time for Your Bible

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Being in church leadership, one thing people often share with me is that they have difficulty finding the time to read their Bible. I understand that with jobs, kids, spouses, hobbies, pets, social media and all of the other activities that fill our lives, there are certainly a lot of things that fill up our time very quickly.

What if reading your Bible didn't take as much time as you thought? Recently I came across an article on which shared some infographics which can really help put our time into perspective. So I wanted to share this information, hoping that you will be encouraged.

As you will see below, some books of the Bible can be read through in a matter of minutes, and simply reading the word of God is a great place to start. However, I challenge you to also spend time studying the context of the book, what it would have meant to the original audience and then how it applies to your everyday life. I look forward to hearing how God speaks to you through His word.


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