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Squirrel Baffling

My garden nemeses are the squirrels. You may think they are lovely, fluffy creatures that enhance our environment. But, I have declared war on them in my garden.

They only destroy, kill and steal. They dig up my bulbs looking for nuts, they make holes in the lawn, they have out-poxed the red squirrels, which are our native ones, and they eat all my bird food. They are like the SAS of the garden world - whatever I do to stop them getting the bird food never seems to work. Their agile little bodies find a way around, up, down, or through my ingenious devices.

However, I recently decided to out-wit them on all levels. So, squirrel proof bird feeders that actually work, pepper-filled fat blocks that the birds like but squirrels hate, and best of all a squirrel baffler. A device that they can neither climb up, on or over. So far, Jackson one - Squirrels nil. Not even the ninja squirrel can beat this.

The devil comes to destroy, kill and steal from us and cheat us of what is rightfully ours. We sometimes don’t see that food is being stolen from our mouths and that our lives have little holes in them where Satan begins to creep in. I am not one of these people who see demons at every corner or blame the devil for my stupidity or sin, but common sense tells me that sometimes taking an active measure is a good idea. So, what are our Christian equivalents of squirrel-proof feeders, fat blocks with pepper that are repellent to the squirrels and a baffler they can’t get round?

I came up with the idea that possibly, the whole amour of God is there for us to put on and combat even the craftiest ninja device, that Satan throws at us. You can find the list in Ephesians 6.10-18. Have a look for yourself and contemplate what you can dress up in everyday to protect yourself.

Also, I find it helpful to take positive measures - reading the Bible is obviously a brilliant way to feed yourself. There are so many ways you can do this these days, including by our devices; things like Alexa will read you the scriptures and smartphones and tablets are brilliant for Bible study. There are also great tools for understanding bits we don’t immediately grasp but none of this is rocket science. Read, think and feed on God’s word.

Make your life as Satan-proof as possible. Outwit the devil and all his wily ways with standing on God’s word and being aware of where you are in Jesus’ care and love. The best squirrel baffler of all, is Jesus, who stands in our place and pleads with our Father in heaven on our behalf, who can present us holy before the Father, which is amazing!

Jill Jackson


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